Reset Instance Macro…

That long and tedious moment, when you exit an instance and need to right-click your portrait or player frame to reset all instances, well not anymore! With this handy little macro, you can cut down all that time, concentrating on getting back into the instance and continue your farming.

Open your macro tab, either by entering in chat /m or /macro 

Please create a new macro, and add whatever icon you wish, that will help you quickly pick it out from your action bar and add the following script to it.

/script ResetInstances(); 

Once you’ve input the script, save it. Add the new macro to your action bar and viola; you’re good to go! Run an instance or clear the trash, exit and click on the macro to promptly re-enter, rinse and repeat. 

Please remember in retail World of Warcraft; there is a ten instance limit per hour, if you exceed this, you’ll be restricted entry into another instance until this time has passed.

I hope you found this post informative, until next time, thanks for reading!

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